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The JavaScript SDK for Fhenix

npm ci

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fhenix.js allows developers to add support for encrypted data when developing dApps on Fhenix. fhenix.js includes easy helpers for encryption, unsealing and helpers to create apps that utilize private data.


# Using npm
npm install fhenixjs


// initialize your web3 provider
const provider = new JsonRpcProvider("http://localhost:8545");

// initialize Fhenix Client
const client = new FhenixClient({ provider });

// to encrypt data for a Fhenix contract
let encrypted = await client.encrypt(5, EncryptionTypes.uint8);
// ... call contract with `encrypted`

// to unseal data from a Fhenix contract
const cleartext = client.unseal(contractAddress, sealed);

Permits & Access Control

We recommend the helper Permit structure, which is a built-in method for providing access control for your FHE-enabled view functions.


This project is based on fhevmjs by Zama and utilizes tfhe.rs to provide FHE functionality

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